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Fun Math and Science Activities

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SMILE (Science and Math Informal Learning Educators) is a site dedicated to finding and sharing fun Math and Science activities for kids and their parents.  They offer a variety of activities whether you're in the kitchen, at the park or at a zoo.  In addition to activities and videos, SMILE also offers an online community that allows kids and their parents to share with others and an iPhone App to take wherever you go!

Join the fun at howtosmile.org.

High School Summer Science Institute

The American Museum of Natural History offers an opportunity for high school students featuring Adventures in Science. Meet scientists, get behind the scenes tours of collections as well as participating in hands on explorations. The program is open to students 8th – 12th grades who live in, attend school or are home schooled within the five boroughs of New York City. Bookmark this page as a reminder to come back next year to apply for summer 2014! In the meantime, checkout the site for many interesting programs held all year long.

CoderDojoLI Kick off!

By Bob DeRosa

CoderdojoLI kicked off its’ first meeting at Webair, in Garden City.  We hosted 11 students (ages 8-14), their parents and 5 mentors.  We started off by leading the group through the building of our new website using Wordpress.  The students chose a template for the website and then designed logos.  You can view the designs at  http://www.coderdojoli.org.  At a future meeting we'll vote on a logo.  We then broke the group out, with three mentors teaching basic HTML.  The HTML students posted the web pages they created under "Our Ninja Members."  The other group, led by two mentors, started installing the Java tools needed to write Minecraft mods.  Unfortunately there are a lot of tools and it takes a while to download them so they didn't get into much coding.  That group is working on a webpage that will have a list of the required tools along with installation instructions so that the students can complete the process at home.  As you can see from the pictures in our gallery, the kids were very engaged.  You know it was well received when parents were asking if they could invite their children's friends.

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