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Looking for Help with Your Homework?

It's never too early in the school year to seek out help with your classes.  Here are several websites that offer tutorials, lessons and information on coursework and links to additional resources:

The Physics Classroom is for high school students and covers basic topics using graphics and easy to follow instructions.  In addition to the lessons they also include sub-lessons and "Check Your Understanding' sections to assess your comprehension.

Interactive Mathematics offers lessons in a number of topics including Probability, Higher Calculus and Graphs, ranging from 8th grade algebra to college level Laplace Transformations . They use LiveMath, Flash and Scientific Notebook to enhance mathematics lessons.  Also on this site is a Math Blog which discusses topics related to math.

In addition to offering Homework Help and Tutorials, Math and Reading Help for Kids offers games to help with math and reading skills as well as an Article Directory that covers a number of topics above and beyond the basics of coursework.  A blog and worksheets plus tips for parents are also included on this site.

Finally, you can get online lessons for 10 subjects at HippoCampus.  A project of the Monterey Institute for Technology and Education (MITE) and designed as part of the Open Education Resources (OER), their goal is to provide high-quality, multimedia content for high school and college students.

Cradle of Aviation Museum's School Programs

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The Cradle of Aviation Museum has updated its list of school group classes, including programs that last anywhere  from 30 – 50 minutes and are designed for students K – 12.  Some of the topics listed are: Rockets Away!, iRobot, "Grossology", Toys "R" Discovery, and Space Adventures.

Design your own Bridge!

West Point Bridge Design Contestallows students aged 13 through grade 12 to design and test their own virtual bridge! After downloading the software provided by the site, you can create as many designs as you’d like and then submit them (Registrationfor 2013 began January 14th and the final contest round was held on May 2nd). First place team members each win a $10,000 scholarship; second place team members each win a $5,000 scholarship. Each member of the six finalist teams win a Notebook Computer.

Bookmark this page as a reminder to come back next year and apply!

Want to Create a Video Game?

If you’re in Middle School, High School or College you can register to create your own video game in the National STEM Video Game Challenge!  Students can sign up as individuals or as part of a team and show their love of playing and making video games.  .

The games can be created using game making platforms which can be found on the Challenge’s Resources page.  Middle and High School students design original video games, while the Collegiate students design video games geared towards children from pre-K through 12 that will teach key STEM concepts.

The deadline for 2013  was May 1st.  For more details go to The National STEM Video Game Challenge website.  And bookmark this site as a reminder to come back next year to apply!



Check out the MATHCOUNTS Club Program that provides structure and activities for schools to hold regular math club meetings – all for FREE!  The program has been designed to engage students and encourage their enthusiasm for math using math related activities and is geared for students in the 6th, 7th and 8th grades.

Based on their participation, schools can achieve one of three levels: Gold, Silver or Bronze and each level offers different benefits.  Bronze level is achieved when the school’s coach signs up its math club. Once registered, a Box Resource Kit and MATHCOUNTS School Handbook are then sent to the school so they can get started.  Depending on eligibility, a school may also be able to participate in the MATHCOUNTS competition as well.

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