Guides to Goals after Graduation

G3 publishes Guides to Goals After Graduation each Spring and Fall.  Their mission is to enhance the quality and quantity of career guidance in grades 9 to 14 provided to high school, community college, and college students by presenting authoritative and timely career and education information. The contents of the G3 Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Edition and the G3 Health Science Edition are designed to provide young people in high school and college with information, ideas, and inspiration.They are full of valuable guidance for students in grades 9 to 14 and their and parents.They are designed to introduce students to career options in career clusters, then to give them advice on creating a practical plan for getting from high school, into a postsecondary education or training, and on to employment in a STEM or Health Science occupation.The booklets are peppered with profiles of students and young adults who are successful in the STEM or Health Science programs and professions.Go to the G3 Guides site for more information on how to obtain your guides!