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STEM Jobs Student Resources

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The STEM Jobs Student Portal offers articles covering all areas of STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and ranges from industry news to what different careers look like and role models.  You can discover your 'STEM Type' - are you a Maker? An Investigator?  Maybe an Explorer?  Take the quiz and find out!

Key Tech Skills for 2016


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As technology continues to evolve, so do the skills necessary to succeed.  While having a diverse set of skills in your toolbox is important, it's key to be sure you're acquiring the right ones.  This blog post from ZipCode Wilmington looks at five of the most in demand skills right now.


STEMcareer Resources


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STEMcareer has a variety of resources for students who are interested in STEM.  Explore links about career options, choosing a college, internships, scholarships and even homework help.


Questions to Ask When Choosing a STEM Major


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It seems everyone is pushing STEM these days.  Even students who aren't excited about science, technology, engineering or math might feel pressured to pursue one of these fields because 'they should.'  This blog post from STEMconnector highlights five things to consider when choosing a STEM major. (Hint:  always start with your passion!)

What Managers Want in an Engineering Grad


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You worked hard and earned your degree in engineering - great, now what?  How can you make the best impression when you interview with the hiring manager at your dream job?  Engineering.com asked the experts and found the top five skills that will put you ahead of the competition.