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Career Descriptions, Salaries, Educational Requirements

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including downloadable teachers' guide to careers and .pdf document versions of job descriptions available.

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Explore careers in Engineering, Science and Math at the Vocational Infomation Center.

Guides to Goals after Graduation

G3 publishes Guides to Goals After Graduation each Spring and Fall.  Their mission is to enhance the quality and quantity of career guidance in grades 9 to 14 provided to high school, community college, and college students by presenting authoritative and timely career and education information. The contents of the G3 Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Edition and the G3 Health Science Edition are designed to provide young people in high school and college with information, ideas, and inspiration.They are full of valuable guidance for students in grades 9 to 14 and their and parents.They are designed to introduce students to career options in career clusters, then to give them advice on creating a practical plan for getting from high school, into a postsecondary education or training, and on to employment in a STEM or Health Science occupation.The booklets are peppered with profiles of students and young adults who are successful in the STEM or Health Science programs and professions.Go to the G3 Guides site for more information on how to obtain your guides!

What’s it really like working in your chosen career?

Find out by connecting one-on-one with science and engineering professionals!

MentorNet is a unique, web-based e-mentoring program designed to match students and those just beginning their careers with professionals in science, technology and other technical fields.

Founded in 1997, the MentorNet program has been recognized by several foundations, including the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, for their success and continues to improve their efforts.

MentorNet also offers the only social network where engineering and science students can create their profiles as future professionals and demonstrate commitment to their career aspirations.

Check out their FAQ section to learn more about the opportunities and requirements.

Looking for a Career in Computers?

The Association for Computing Machinery has created the Computing Degrees & Careers website to help students learn about options in the field of computing.  Find out about the skills you will learn and the types of degrees available as well as what professionals really do - hear real stories from real people!  This site has a lot of resources, including Frequently Asked Questions and computing related News Articles.

What do I do with this Degree?

Exploring what major to pursue in college or have you graduated and are now wondering what to do with your newly-minted degree?

We have compiled a list of 11 degrees, each linking to a .pdf snapshot offering:  different paths that can be explored within that degree, the types of companies searching for those skills and some strategies to use in obtaining a job in the particular industry.

Agriculture and Natural Resources

Biological Sciences



Environmental Studies / Science



Information / Library Science



Public Administration