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In Search of: Computer Science Jobs

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Where are all the Computer Science Jobs?


Indeed.com compiled some interesting data regarding the growing field of Computer Science (which the U.S. Department of Labor predicts will grow 19% through 2020).  They looked at the who, where and what for job prospects where the average salary is approximately $88,909.

New York ranked third behind Washington D.C and San Jose, CA and Microsoft was the fourth top hiring company.  Java Developers had the highest salary at $98,000 while a system administrator pulled in $77,000.

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Students talk about the value of STEM

Listen to students from Stony Brook University, Long Island NY talk about the pay-off of their technology studies... while having some fun!

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A Day in the Life of an Engineer

Download a PowerPoint presentation about some of the exciting opportunities of an engineering career - - delivered at the 2009 ConnectToTech student career fair by Dr. Rick Boivie, Distinguished Engineer and Manager, Advanced Internet and Security Technologies, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center.


You'll want to be the inventor of one of the top 20 inventions of the 21st Century!

Interested in Engineering?

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Interested in engineering? Get preparation tips and advice on what classes to take. Learn about the many variations of engineering and how each one of them influences our world today.  By selecting a variety of science, mathematics, and engineering-related course work and participating in engineering programs and projects you can get an edge in your career.   This site includes engineering games, lesson plans, and other day-in-the-life insights of an engineering career.

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