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It's Good to be an Engineer

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  @AlannaPetroff July 25, 2013: 8:55 AM ET

If you're looking to recruit an engineer right now, be prepared for a dog-eat-dog world.

Experienced engineers are being offered sky-high salaries and are taking regular calls from headhunters as the booming shale gas industry fights for scarce talent, snapping up engineers from other sectors.

"It's an all out war for talent," said Houston-based Gladney Darroh, president of Piper-Morgan Associates Personnel Consultants, a specialist in recruiting oil and gas engineers.

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Is there a STEM shortage or not?

by Robert N. Charette, Posted

There are warnings from countries all over the globe of a shortage in STEM graduates.  This article explores data gathered over many years to characterize a pin-pointed problem to be solved.  A focus on skills, rather than jobs, will prepare our students for a future of unknown technologies, careers, workplace environments and more!  Learn more....

Transformation in STEM

Researcher reveals how “Computer Geeks” replaced “Computer Girls”

  1. BRENDA D. FRINK on 06/01/11 at 9:03 am

Asked to picture a computer programmer, most of us describe the archetypal computer geek, a brilliant but socially-awkward male. We imagine him as a largely noctural creature, passing sleepless nights writing computer code. According to workplace researchers, this stereotype of the lone male computer whiz is self-perpetuating, and it keeps the computer field overwhelming male. Not only do hiring managers tend to favor male applicants, but women are less likely to pursue careers a field where feel they won’t fit in.

It may be surprising, then, to learn that the earliest computer programmers were women and that the programming field was once stereotyped as female.

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G.A.M.E.S. (Girls Advancing Mathematics, Engineering and Science)

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In an effort to engage young girls in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) a group in Washington have come together to do exactly that.

Using video games, the group is looking to the medium to communicate to girls what you can do in STEM fields and how interesting it can be. 

Read more in an article by The Seattle Times and find out how you can get involved at Northeastern University Seattle’s site.

Transforming Education through Math and Science

An Executive Summary published by ‘The Opportunity Equation’ details the need for excellence in math and science education for today’s students in order for them to be able to succeed in the world.   With the dramatic shifts taking place globally, it is imperative that similar changes take place within the education system and the expectations of educators and students.

Recommendations suggested include:

- Higher levels of mathematics and science learning for all American students.

- Common standards in math and science that are fewer, clearer and higher, coupled with aligned assessments.

- Improved teaching and professional learning, supported by better school and system management.

- New designs for schools and systems to deliver math and science learning more effectively.

Read the full summary and learn more about ‘The Opportunity Equation’.

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