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Using Art to Enhance STEM

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Henry Fountain, a science reporter for The NY Times, recently looked at how incorporating art into engineering benefits both disciplines and promotes the growing shift from STEM to STEAM.  Oftentimes, engineers aren't skilled at drawing which can present challenges in visualizing and communicating a design idea while artists learn how to better utilize space and structural integrity of their designs.

Read his full artilce at The New York Times.

Which College and Major Make You Richest?

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MAR 26 2014, 10:39 AM ET
A new study finds that nine of the 10 most lucrative degrees in America are in computer science programs at elite colleges—and Harvey Mudd runs away with the lead.  Check out a study that predicts the ten schools with the highest-earning graduates over the next 20 years.  Smaller schools with high concentrations of computer science and engineering students near large cities with thriving technology scenes (Harvey Mudd, Cal Tech, Stevens, NYU Poly) dominate the list.  Read more here

America's Tiniest Engineers: Report from Greenville SC

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By Deborah Fallows; January 20, 2014; 10:18 PM EST

Ever think you'd read about an elementary school for Engineering... and powerpoint... and alternative energy... ??

Read about this school in a distressed area of Greenville, South Carolina, that has a waiting list to attend, where all schoolwork is done on tablets, creative 3D artwork flows from ceiling to floor.

And then there's the sports, cooking and much, much more!  Read about it here.

Being a 'Hacker' is No Longer a Bad Thing

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By MARTHA MENDOZA  The Associated Press
Februrary 17, 2014

SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) — It used to be that "hacking" was just a type of crime, a computer break-in. But today, the term is also part of a growing — and perfectly legal — mainstay of the tech sector.

Computer programming competitions known as "hackathons" have spread like viruses in recent years as ways for geeks, nerds and designers to get together to eat pizza, lose sleep and create something new.

Read the full article.

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